This new parking deck, (Parking Deck D/B Structural Frame), is adjacent to the insurance company’s new training center in downtown Erie. In addition to its use by Erie Insurance Company employees, the structure is also used for supplemental parking for events at Erie Insurance Arena, located across the street from the parking deck.

Originally, the 100% IFC documents were hard bid, which resulted in a CIP concrete parking deck frame cost that was more than $1 million over budget. In addition to submitting a hard bid for the 100% IFC documents, Donley’s proposed a design/build CIP concrete parking deck frame option.

Through an extensive and collaborative process with the owner, construction manager, and Donley’s D/B structural engineer, Donley’s design team was successful in a complete redesign of the structural concrete frame that saved the owner $3 million, improved the overall efficiency of the parking deck while maintaining required car counts, and completed construction of the new structure several weeks prior to the substantial completion date of the original schedule.