The site of this new parking deck for the Universities at Shady Grove, part of the University System of Maryland, occupies a strategic corner of the USG campus. As such, the parking structure has been carefully placed on this constrained site so that it allows a significant foreground towards the prominent intersection, while using a portion of the existing campus entrance for the vehicular entrance to the first level. The siting also provides ample room along the southern and northern façades for site improvements and landscaping.

The Shady Grove Parking Deck #2 facility employs numerous sustainable design elements and techniques, reflecting the university’s commitment to sustainability. Visible to the public are solar energy harvesting panels as parking shades along the roof. The parking deck is the first designs submitted to the newly established Green Parking Council to achieve certification through the new rating system that took effect in March 2014.

The relocation of Gudelsky Drive was also included in this project’s scope of work.