Expansion at the Clinic’s main campus in downtown Cleveland – including a new heart center – led to the need for more parking at this world-renowned hospital. To help fulfill this need, this project included a cast-in-place concrete parking deck that encompasses 1,275,000 sq. ft. to accommodate 4,000 vehicles.

Expanded facilities also need more support space and the new 227,000 sq. ft. underground service center serves the Clinic’s entire main campus. Departments that were spread throughout the campus, such as materials management, food storage and preparation, central sterile supply, and linen storage, are now housed in the operations center, providing a more efficient, central location to better meet the needs of the Clinic.

The East 89th Street Service Center & Parking Deck project also included a 12,000 sq. ft. office building to house the IT Department and a 500 ft. underground service tunnel that links the operations center to existing service corridors and distribution centers in the basements of various campus buildings.

Donley’s served self-performed the structural concrete construction–nearly 100,000 cubic yards of concrete were utilized.

This project is LEED Silver certified.