2525 East Main St. Apartments

2525 East Main Street Apartments

2525 East Main Street Apartments concrete services provided by Donley’s.

This new six-story apartment building has 216 units and 241 parking spaces, as well as 7,360 sq. ft. of commercial/retail space.

• CIP Structure Completed May 2019
• 3 Levels of Cast-In-Place Concrete Structure (110,000 SF Total)
• 2 Levels of Elevated Parking with 3rd level Transfer Plate
• 123,000 SF of Slab on Metal Deck (4 Levels)
• Conventionally Reinforced
• 2,300 LF of CIP Walls
• Over 9,500 Cubic Yards of Concrete
• Finished Critical Path 2 weeks early

Henry Street parking decks

Henry Street Parking Decks

Donley’s was the Design/Builder for these two 5-level precast parking decks located on VCU’s Monroe Park Campus. The Henry Street Parking Decks encompass approximately 279,400 sq. ft. and provide 761 parking spaces for faculty, staff, and students.

The university accepted the Donley’s team’s alternate proposal which featured side ramps, versus the RFP’s center ramp design. This design offers improved wayfinding for the users of the parking deck while also providing increased capacity over the RFP’s stated minimum of 750 spaces – without a noticeable increase in footprint or square footage.

The two Henry Street Parking Decks utilize thin-set brick, precast elements, entrance canopies, and punched out window openings to give the façades a more building-like appearance, helping it blend in with the campus’s existing architecture, as well as the adjoining historic neighborhood. The east parking deck is LEED Silver certified.

North Parking Deck

North Parking Deck Expansion

Richmond International Airport has evolved into one of the most modern and well-equipped airports in the eastern United States, and it is the main hub to tourist attractions across Virginia. To accommodate the increase in passenger traffic and other recent expansion projects at the airport, it was determined that more parking was needed.

Donley’s was the General Contractor on this $35 million parking expansion project. Phase 1 of the project included the 2,600-space North Parking Deck Expansion and the addition of a new four-bay ticket canopy. Phase 2 consisted of renovations to the existing South Parking Deck and the addition of a ticket canopy.