Sophia Street Parking Deck

Donley’s was the Design/Builder for this 297-space parking deck in historic downtown Fredericksburg. The four-level, 97,500-square-foot deck provides parking for the patrons, residents, and visitors to the city. The deck was enabled through the use of the Virginia Public-Private Education Act of 2002, which allows private entities to provide unsolicited proposals for public infrastructure and facilities that benefit the community at large. Donley’s was able to find and acquire land for the project as part of the process. The design team was able to please the City, residents, and merchants of Fredericksburg with a final design resembling an 18th-century warehouse that reflects the history of the neighborhood.

Winner of the Design-Build Institute of America’s Design-Build Excellence Award, Public Sector Under $15 Million

North Parking Deck Expansion

Richmond International Airport has evolved into one of the most modern and well-equipped airports in the eastern United States, and it is the main hub to tourist attractions across Virginia. To accommodate the increase in passenger traffic and other recent expansion projects at the airport, it was determined that more parking was needed.

Donley’s was the General Contractor on this $35 million parking expansion project. Phase 1 of the project included the 2,600-space North Parking Deck Expansion and the addition of a new four-bay ticket canopy. Phase 2 consisted of renovations to the existing South Parking Deck and the addition of a ticket canopy.

Camp Allen Parking Deck

Donley’s was the Design/Builder for this precast concrete parking deck that will serve as residence parking for Navy personnel housing adjacent to the deck’s site.

The 389,070 sq. ft. facility features a precast concrete exterior with thinset brick to complement surrounding buildings and accommodates 1,334 vehicles on five levels. Included in the deck is a 3,000 sq. ft. maintenance area.

Newport News Parking Deck

Donley’s was the Design/Builder for this precast concrete parking deck that serves as residence parking for the Navy personnel housing adjacent to the deck’s site.

The 68,642 sq. ft. facility features a precast concrete exterior with thinset brick to complement surrounding buildings and accommodates 200 vehicles on four levels. The deck includes a 1,000 sq. ft. maintenance area.

Rappahannock River Parking Deck

The original 520,000 sq. ft. parking deck proposed by Donley’s team utilized a reduced footprint to provide maximum space for future academic buildings, while being able to house 1,663 vehicles (13 more than the RFP required) on five levels. The facility was designed to accommodate a future expansion of equal length and height, thereby maximizing efficiency. During the design process, in consideration of the university’s parking needs and the overall cost benefits, this three-bay expansion was approved to proceed along with the initial construction. Donley’s was awarded this expansion, which brought the deck’s total square footage to 862,000 sq. ft. and capacity to 2,618 vehicles.

A 17,000 sq. ft. Police and Safety Headquarters building is adjacent to the parking deck and serves as the central reporting hub for all emergency calls on campus.

South Parking Deck Expansion

This expansion to the parking deck used by the Health System’s staff brought the total number of parking spaces to 1,388. The existing parking deck remained open throughout construction.

The project included the relocation of all utilities, including domestic water, cable television, telephone, data communication, and power, all of which had to be maintained throughout the relocation process. As part of the construction, a temporary road replaced a previously existing dead-end street in order to provide access to adjacent buildings.

Emmet Street Parking Deck

The exterior design of this garage was very important due to the architectural heritage of UVA’s historical buildings, many of which were designed by Thomas Jefferson. Aesthetically-pleasing buff-colored precast concrete columns and spandrels with thin-set red brick tile make up the façade of the parking deck, while three red brick and glass stair towers and one elevator tower help to visually break up the horizontal length of the structure.

Inside, the garage’s long-span structural system creates clear sight lines, facilitating better surveillance throughout the facility for customers and security personnel.

The structure is situated on a 4.5-acre site that includes a stream, wooded areas, and extensive landscaping, providing a parklike appearance. The stream, which had to be rerouted as part of the construction process, is part of a regional stormwater management system that also includes a retention basin.

Culbreth Road Parking Deck

This parking deck, located in the university’s Arts Grounds section of campus, is used for the daily parking of students and faculty, as well as by visitors to the nearby Drama Building. The structure is built into the side of a hill, resulting in one elevation being below grade for the first two floors. The deck’s exterior walls have green screen to soften the architecture and create a visually pleasing facade. The facility features two stair towers and one elevator, with provisions to add a second elevator in the future.

Alvey Drive Parking Deck

The university selected Donley’s alternate proposal for this parking deck, which consisted of a two-bay design that provided a parking capacity of 440 vehicles, a 40 car increase over the RFP’s minimum requirements. Additionally, Donley’s alternate proposal provided improved aesthetics by moving an internal ramp to the opposite elevation, allowing a combination of brick and precast spandrels and precast columns in a classical and very open design that is similar to surrounding campus buildings. The project also included the construction of a pedestrian bridge over Alvey Drive.

North Village Parking Deck

This new parking deck serves ODU’s University Village, a mixed-use development that includes student housing, retail, and office space. The main entrance and stair tower face the Convocation Center, and allow easy pedestrian access to the facility.

The structure includes light beige exposed-aggregate spandrel panels that alternate with brick-clad precast panels which tie it in with the surrounding campus architecture. The facility also includes approximately 8,000 sq. ft. of retail space on the first floor along Monarch Way.