East 105th Street Parking Deck

Encompassing an entire city block, the parking deck is located on the southeast corner of the Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus. With the development of the Opportunity Corridor along East 105th Street, the parking deck serves as an icon and introduction to the campus at its southern portal.

The façade of the deck utilizes a combination of concrete guard and vehicular crash rails, upturned beams, storefront glazing, and grilles to express its architectural form. An expansive elevator lobby to house four elevators and stairs is located on the northwest corner of the building and will be clad in glass curtainwall. A stair tower clad in glass curtainwall will be located at each of the remaining three corners of the parking deck.

JJ South Office Building & Parking Deck

As a result of the Cleveland Clinic’s selection of the site occupied by its main parking deck as the optimal site for its new Heart Center, a new parking deck needed to be constructed to replace the existing one before construction on the Heart Center could begin. The JJ South facility is that new parking deck and more.

The project consisted of a 131,000 sq. ft. administrative office building and a 420,000 sq ft. attached parking deck. The six-floor office building surrounds the parking deck on two sides and the exterior façade consists of an attractive combination of granite, metal panels, and glass curtain-wall. Donley’s was also awarded the interior build-out of the office space, including a pharmacy and the security operations command center for the entire Cleveland Clinic main campus.

Expansion & Renovation

The two-story north addition serves as the new main entrance for the hospital and features:

  • a new emergency department
  • patient registration area
  • four new operating rooms
  • a new gift shop
  • pre- and post-op areas
  • a public atrium
  • a PACU

The second floor of the north addition serves as a bridge to the three-story south addition which features a new oncology center, as well as a new kitchen and dining area. The basement level includes a new loading dock and an emergency generator to serve the entire hospital.

Donley’s self-performed the construction of the cast-in-place concrete frame.

Mather Surgical Pavilion Fit-Out

This project consisted of the fit-out of existing unconstructed space to create an outpatient surgery center. The new space features:6 operating rooms

  • pre-op and post-op areas
  • Lithotriptor room
  • 2 service cart lifts
  • discharge elevator
  • staff locker rooms
  • support space

New systems to service the space include:

  • medical gas system
  • electrical systems with emergency power
  • HVAC system including new air handling units
  • fire suppression system
  • fire alarm system
  • communications systems including intercom, nurse call, and house paging

JJ North Building Expansion

This expansion of the Clinic’s 551,000 sq. ft. JJ Building (also constructed by Donley’s as construction manager) consisted of a seven-level, 364,000 sq. ft. parking deck surrounded on two sides by a six-level 118,000 sq. ft. office building (core and shell space). In addition to serving as construction manager on the project, Donley’s self-performed the structural concrete portion of the project.

The parking deck accommodates 1,224 vehicles, while the office space house the finance department, research and databanks, a patient call center, clinic employee services, and media services.

Donley’s was also awarded the contract for the buildout of the office space, and this portion of the project is LEED Silver certified.

East 89th Street Service Center & Parking Deck

Expansion at the Clinic’s main campus in downtown Cleveland – including a new heart center – led to the need for more parking at this world-renowned hospital. To help fulfill this need, this project included a cast-in-place concrete parking deck that encompasses 1,275,000 sq. ft. to accommodate 4,000 vehicles.

Expanded facilities also need more support space and the new 227,000 sq. ft. underground service center serves the Clinic’s entire main campus. Departments that were spread throughout the campus, such as materials management, food storage and preparation, central sterile supply, and linen storage, are now housed in the operations center, providing a more efficient, central location to better meet the needs of the Clinic.

The project also included a 12,000 sq. ft. office building to house the IT Department and a 500 ft. underground service tunnel that links the operations center to existing service corridors and distribution centers in the basements of various campus buildings.

Donley’s served as the CM at Risk on the entire 1.54 million sq. ft. project and also self-performed the structural concrete construction–nearly 100,000 cubic yards of concrete were utilized.

This project is LEED Silver certified.


Fairview General Hospital – ParkView Patient Care Center

This challenging project was built on the edge of a cliff and features a soaring 4-story atrium and breathtaking views of the Rocky River Reservation. The four-story addition to the hospital’s existing facility has 144 medical and surgical patient care rooms. Fairview’s innovative approach to the addition was to divide it into patient-friendly zones: the Patient Zone, the Visitor Zone, and the Caregiver Zone. Each has its own amenities and uses, designed to make the patients feel more comfortable.

The project also included a pedestrian bridge built over a ravine between employee parking and the new facility


Medical Office Building

The Orthopedic Institute of the Great Lakes is the new home for one of the most heralded orthopedic groups in the Midwest. The group services Cleveland’s professional franchise athletes.

Donley’s was responsible for the buildout of this facility, for which it had previously constructed the building shell. The medical office building features:

  • an MRI room
  • an x-ray room
  • exam rooms
  • physicians’ offices
  • medical work rooms
  • waiting rooms
  • a reception area

In addition, the facility houses a physical therapy unit that includes a hydrotherapy pool and a locker room area. The building’s entrance features a large structural canopy for patient drop-off.

Health Resource Center

Donley’s was responsible for the complete interior fitout of this new two-story speculative office building to house ambulatory patient health care services. A two-story atrium lobby on the building’s South side serves as the main entrance for patients and visitors accessing the ambulatory surgery functions. A large seminar room on the first floor serves patient education and staff training needs and is accessible from the main lobby.

The major portion of the building’s first floor houses The Peak, Marymount Hospital’s sports medicine and rehabilitation facility. The Peak is outfitted with a full range of exercise apparatus for general health maintenance and for injury or post-surgical rehabilitation.

A complete surgery center for ambulatory outpatients occupies the second floor and consists of six operating rooms and a patient pre-operative preparation area. A 12-bed post-operative area is positioned along the exterior window wall, thereby maximizing light and providing visual contact with the exterior. The nurses’ stations are strategically placed and centrally located within the pre-operative and post-operative patient areas. Functionally planned for patient observation, they also lend an element of aesthetics to these utilitarian areas.

JJ South Building and Parking Deck

This new administrative office building and parking garage is located in the heart of the Clinic’s main campus in downtown Cleveland. The six-floor office surrounds a parking deck on two sides and the exterior façade consists of an attractive combination of granite, metal panels, and glass curtainwall.

Donley’s self-performed the structural concrete portion of the project and was also awarded the interior fit-out of the office space, which houses the pharmacy and the security operations command center for the entire Cleveland Clinic campus.

The seven-level cast-in-place concrete parking structure accommodates 1,400 vehicles.

Donley’s later served as Construction Manager for a 482,000 sq. ft. expansion to this facility, consisting of 364,000 sq. ft. of added parking and an additional 118,000 sq. ft. of office space.