Safety Leadership Begins by Being the Example

If you are a parent, uncle or aunt, brother or sister, you have, most likely, encountered moments to teach safety to young children. For example, looking both ways when crossing the street or enforcing the use of a bike helmet when out riding a bike, scooter, or roller blades. Then, as our children mature, those safety opportunities turn into teaching the correct way to use a knife, power tools, or even a ladder. Finally, our children will some day enter the work force, and like any newcomer to the job,  will benefit from our willingness to lead safety through example.

So what exactly is leading safety through example? It’s simply placing safety as the priority when working at home or on the
job. When we all work safely, new employees benefit by seeing operations conducted the safe way and will pass this knowledge along to other employees. 
New employees who have never held a job before or were employed by a firm that had a weak safety program probably will need considerable safety instruction. Here at Donley’s, our Safe-D program gives our employees the tools and skills to work safely; the shared mind set that safety is everyone’s responsibility is reinforced through the observation of fellow co-workers.  There is no doubt that early impressions are lasting impressions.  
So remember, the next time you find your safety glasses resting on your forehead rather than in place over your eyes, someone is watching you lead. When an empty water bottle is just kicked around the site rather than being placed in a trash can, someone is observing your commitment to safety. Let your actions say, “I believe in wearing eye protection so that I can see the sun rise tomorrow. I know trash can cause a tripping accident, and I care about my co-workers safety.”
Accidents are a reality. Become the kind of leader that teaches safety through example and set in motion a safer future for all.

Todd Jenkins is the Regional Safety Manager for Donley’s, LLC. 
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