Stay Hydrated to Stay Alert

On Monday of this week, the high temperature in Cleveland,
Ohio reached a balmy 88 degrees! It was a beautiful, sunny day and gorgeous
weather for May in Cleveland. It’s a reminder that summer is just about here
and now seems the perfect time to remind everyone of the importance of staying hydrated during the warmer temperatures.

Dehydration can have a pretty significant impact on the human body, especially the brain because dehydration can significantly reduce concentration and impact emotional stability.

  • Concentration & Alertness: Multiple scientific studies
    have found that individuals suffering from dehydration report feeling tired, sluggish, and that it took more effort to concentrate on tasks.
  • Mood Changes: When we are lacking fluid, we can start to feel increasingly impatient and tense. A study measuring hydration status, performance and mood changes was performed on U.S. Army officers during which they were asked to perform intense training sessions in the heat for over 53 hours. The army officers lost more than 5 pints of body fluid (through sweat) during their training. Tests of vigilance, reaction times, memory and ability to reason all showed significant impairment. When asked about their mood, they reported feeling increasingly tense, confused, tired and depressed. 

to Drink and What To Avoid

Mother Nature has provided the perfect remedy for dehydration. Water… H20… Agua. For this reason, Donley’s ensures adequate supplies of water are available on all job sites. Drinking water at regular intervals will help to replenish lost fluids before dehydration sets in, which is important because by the time you actually feel thirsty, the body’s water level is likely to already be lower than it should be.

Not a fan of plain water? Research also shows that a lightly flavored beverage with a small amount of sodium encourages people to drink enough to stay hydrated. The combination of flavor and electrolytes in a sports drink like Gatorade provides one of the best alternate choices to help you stay properly hydrated.

Avoid drinks with high sugar content such as soda and even fruit juices. These are slow to absorb into the body. Also alcohol and
caffeinated beverages should be avoided.

Many people ask how much to drink and that truly depends on your activity level and how much your body is losing fluids. In general, when you are working and sweating, you should drink at least every half-hour to ensure you are drinking enough to replace lost fluids.

It’s a pretty simple message, “Stay hydrated to keep your mind alert and to stay safe.”

William Powell III, or Billy as he as known to most, is a Regional Safety Manager for Donley’s, Inc. 
Learn more about Donley’s safety program.