Terry Donley

Terry Donley


On Donley’s Legacy

As the intergenerational link, I’ve seen Donley’s grow from a lumberyard on Miles Road, to a $250 million construction business run by my son and a highly talented ownership team. And it’s not just our family that spans generations; we have employees who are third and fourth generation, as well.

My grandfather truly valued integrity, reliability, and service and we’ve never strayed from that. We expect people at Donley’s to be authentic and genuine in all their dealings. Our success is rooted in honest business principles, uncompromised ethical standards, and care for our clients, employees, colleagues, subcontractors, suppliers, and projects.

Today, Donley’s operates from multiple offices in multiple states. I’m sure my grandfather, father, and uncle would be proud. I know I am. I am proud and grateful to everyone who has helped maintain the Donley’s name as a quality construction partner.

Our legacy can be read in the built environment. We have more than twenty-five projects within one square mile of University Circle—Cleveland’s cultural, educational, and medical epicenter. We’ve worked with some of Cleveland’s most prestigious institutions to build complex designs like the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals are thirty-year clients. To these institutions—leaders in their fields—we bring a level of sophistication to match their own.