Mike Dilley

Mike Dilley

Senior Vice President of Concrete Operations

On Integrity

I grew up in the concrete business, earned a Bachelor's degree in Construction Management/Civil Engineering, joined Donley’s in 2000 as a project engineer, and am now responsible for the company’s concrete operations.

Through our strategic planning process, we decided to grow the company geographically by leveraging our design/build approach to parking structures. After we gained a foothold in Virginia, we acquired a business in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2008, and in 2013 we opened an office in South Carolina.

These efforts have been successful because of the people at Donley’s. The company’s leadership attracts, recruits, and cultivates relationships with a certain kind of person. A Donley’s employee is humble, ethical, honest, and trustworthy. They share the same qualities as the owners.

Clients who choose to work with Donley’s are attracted by these qualities. We cater to clients with complex facility needs including Boeing, North Carolina State University, and Showa Denko. We may be placing concrete, but we are demanding and particular about it. We are detail oriented and it shows from our thorough and methodical pre-pour meetings to clean trucks and neat trailers.

We don’t put anything different in the concrete; there’s no special mix. Our success is based on a blend of clients, employees, and team members who share a common value: integrity.