The Kent Central Gateway multi-modal facility provides a location for four modes of transportation (auto, bus, bike, and pedestrian) to intersect and allow users to switch modes of transportation efficiently and safely. The facility includes a 10-bus-bay transfer facility, a 365-car parking deck, bicycle storage areas, indoor and outdoor waiting areas, ticket counters, and retail spaces.

In order to limit conflicts with adjacent projects, Donley’s constructed the parking deck from slab-on-grade through the roof in two separate phases, with the west half being constructed first, followed by the east. This allowed exterior cladding of the structure to commence on the west half of the parking deck, while the east half of the structure was still being erected.

The Kent Central Gateway parking deck consists of a 19,000 sq. ft., 8″ thick macro-fiber reinforced, slab-on-grade bus terminal as well as 3-floors totaling 118,000 sq. ft. of elevated 6″ post-tensioned structural concrete deck parking areas. In order to accommodate the bus traffic, the first elevated parking level is approximately 22’-0″ above the slab-on-grade elevation.