Town of Clayton Waste Reclamation Facility

Donley’s is currently working with Gannet Flemming to complete the Waste Reclamation Facility project.

Our scope of work includes: Headworks Facility, Influent Pump Station, Bioreactor Aeration, Cascade Aeration, Admin, EQ Pump, Blower Building, Odor Control, Filter Structure, REUSE Pump Station, Flume, UV Disinfection, and Chemical Storage Facility.

NOVO Nordisk

NOVO Nordisk

The cast-in-place concrete for this pharmaceutical company’s (NOVO Nordisk)  wastewater treatment facility includes 17′ high cast-in-place radius walls for the bio-reactor digesters and clarifiers.

The bio-reactor cast-in-place 30′ slabs required over 30 placements with an extensive water stop detail at each construction joint. The walls for the bio-reactor were also limited to a maximum 30′ pour break along with water stops at each joint.

Over 30% of the cast-in-place walls were topped with a cast-in-place walkway and work platform. These platforms were completed with a wall-mount flying table system. As a part of Gannet Fleming’s team, Donley’s placed 8,000 cubic yards of concrete and 750 tons of reinforcing steel to create this state-of-the-art NOVO Nordisk wastewater treatment facility.