Cameron Boulevard/ Science Drive Parking Deck

The Duke Cameron Science Center parking deck would have been a very challenging project for any concrete contractor. Through rigorous pre-planning, scheduling and a lean concrete construction approach Donley’s Concrete Group stepped up to the challenge and succeed. Walker Parking was the engineer of record for the project and their design created a very challenging structural concrete 2,000 car parking structure.

The schedule was a very tight, with many different trades overlapping each other. Donley’s Concrete Group’s work started below grade with the foundations in the summer 2015 and quickly transitioned into the main structure, going through the winter months into the spring of 2016.Donley’s Concrete Groupdaily planning and first run study reviews became the key to the safety, scheduling and success of this project.

The finished product for the Duke Cameron Parking Garage met or exceeded plans and specifications. The underside of the concrete decking was a class A finish, tolerance not to exceed 1/8 of an inch. The top side concrete deck was a rough broom finish with a sloped floor tolerance that had to exceed plus or minus a fraction of inch per foot of sloped floor. The overall finish was accepted and approved by Walker Parking, the Engineer of record and Duke University the owner and completed three weeks ahead of schedule.

South Parking Deck Expansion

This expansion to the parking deck used by the Health System’s staff brought the total number of parking spaces to 1,388. The existing parking deck remained open throughout construction.

The project included the relocation of all utilities, including domestic water, cable television, telephone, data communication, and power, all of which had to be maintained throughout the relocation process. As part of the construction, a temporary road replaced a previously existing dead-end street in order to provide access to adjacent buildings.