801 Rockwell Garage Restoration

This project consisted of the repairs and restoration of a multi-level parking deck. Donley’s Restoration Group worked with construction engineers, Barber & Hoffman, to provide:

  • full and partial slab repair
  • full joint replacement 
  • beam and column repair
  • curb removal
  • membrane removal
  • new membrane application
  • drain replacement
  • supplemental reinforcing steel

Project duration: 15 months

Health Science Garage Restoration

Donley’s Restoration Group provided concrete restoration services to Case Western Reserve University’s Health Science Parking Garage.  This project consisted of structural repairs to the garage as well as waterproofing. Working with Carl Walker Engineering, Donley’s restoration work included:

  • removal of deck coating
  • corrosion anode units
  • corrosion inhibiting treatment for slab concrete
  • structural slab repairs
  • waterproofing over expansion joints
  • removal of structural strip patching

Project duration: 9 months