Rappahannock River

Rappahannock River Parking Deck

The original 520,000 sq. ft. Rappahannock River Parking Deck proposed by Donley’s team utilized a reduced footprint to provide maximum space for future academic buildings, while being able to house 1,663 vehicles (13 more than the RFP required) on five levels. The facility was designed to accommodate a future expansion of equal length and height, thereby maximizing efficiency. During the design process, in consideration of the university’s parking needs and the overall cost benefits, this three-bay expansion was approved to proceed along with the initial construction. Donley’s was awarded this expansion, which brought the deck’s total square footage to 862,000 sq. ft. and capacity to 2,618 vehicles.

A 17,000 sq. ft. Police and Safety Headquarters building is adjacent to the parking deck and serves as the central reporting hub for all emergency calls on campus.

Alvey Drive Parking Deck

Alvey Drive Parking Deck

The university selected Donley’s alternate proposal for this the Alvey Drive Parking Deck, which consisted of a two-bay design that provided a parking capacity of 440 vehicles, a 40 car increase over the RFP’s minimum requirements. Additionally, Donley’s alternate proposal provided improved aesthetics by moving an internal ramp to the opposite elevation, allowing a combination of brick and precast spandrels and precast columns in a classical and very open design that is similar to surrounding campus buildings. The project also included the construction of a pedestrian bridge over Alvey Drive.