Mac Donley

Chief Executive Officer

“Our clients trust us. They know we’re technically competent, yet more than that they value our people. They rely on us and know that if there’s a problem, we’ll fix it. As a result, we develop long term relationships with clients across all of our services and locations.”


Terry Donley


“Today, Donley’s operates from multiple offices in multiple states. I’m sure my grandfather, father, and uncle would be proud. I know I am. I am proud and grateful to everyone who has helped maintain the Donley’s name as a quality construction partner.”


Mike Dilley


“Our efforts have been successful because of the people at Donley’s. The company’s leadership attracts, recruits, and cultivates relationships with a certain kind of person. A Donley’s employee is humble, ethical, honest, and trustworthy. They share the same qualities as the owners.”


Steve Hamilton

Chief Operating Officer

“Striving to be the employer of choice, Donley’s provides amazing opportunities for our employees.  There are no limitations as to what you can be.  Curiosity and hard work are prized. We support our employees by partnering them with talented colleagues on incredible projects.  Brilliant jerks are not tolerated, teamwork is valued.  Our employees deliver on our client’s vision, thus supporting our ultimate goal – being the market leader."


Gregg Przepiora

Vice President Concrete Operations

“Safety is the very core of who we are, and how we operate.  Our goal is to operate incident free every day for our team, our families, our clients, and our community.  We believe that everyone should get to go home to their families every night.”


Brian McCue

Vice President / General Manager, Donley’s Restoration Group

“Throughout my 30 years at the company, what sticks out to me is our focus on “Do what you say you are going to do and when you say you are going to do it”.  We understand the trust our clients give us and focus on delivering on that trust through performance and reliability.”