January 2024 Service Award

Donley’s January 2024 Service Awd:  Eric Cox, Kirk Jones, Miguel Salas Guerrero, Juan Saldana, Miguel Castro Guerrero, Ricardo Vazquez Aviles, Luis Garcia Hernandez, Jorge Guzman Paniagua, Vicente Estrada Martinez, Alex Carpenter, Kilder Cavalcante

Congratulations to Eric Cox (Vice President), Kirk Jones (Superintendent), Miguel Salas Guerrero (Assistant Superintendent), Juan Saldana (Shop Carpenter), Miguel Castro Guerrero (Foreman II), Ricardo Vazquez Aviles (Foreman II), Luis Garcia Hernandez (Foreman III), Jorge Guzman Paniagua (Foreman II), and Vicente Estrada Martinez (Carpenter), each celebrating 15 years of outstanding service in North Carolina. Additionally, we congratulate Alex Carpenter (Project Manager) for his 5 years of dedicated service, and Kilder Cavalcante (VDC Engineer III) for his 5 years, both contributing significantly to our team in North Carolina.

The work you do does not go unnoticed and we appreciate everything you’ve accomplished at Donley’s. We are proud to share your service with us and look forward to more great years together!