Thanksgiving Safety – Tool Box Talks

Day has more than double the number of home cooking fires than an average day
according to the U.S. Fire Administration. In fact, each year more than 4,000 fires
occur on Thanksgiving Day. “Unattended cooking is the leading cause of
Thanksgiving Day home fires, and it’s easy to understand why,” said Red
Cross preparedness expert Heidi Taylor. “People can easily become
distracted and lose track of what’s happening in the kitchen when they are
enjoying spending time with family and friends.”


help prevent home fires this Thanksgiving, the Red Cross suggests the following

  • Keep potholders and food wrappers at
    least three feet away from heat sources while cooking

  • Wear tighter fitting clothing with
    shorter sleeves when cooking

  • Make sure all stoves, ovens, and
    ranges have been turned off when you leave the kitchen

  • Set timers to keep track of turkeys and
    other food items that require extended cooking times

  • Turn handles of pots and pans on the
    stove inward to avoid accidents

  • After guests leave, designate a
    responsible adult to walk around the home making sure that all candles and
    smoking materials are extinguished

with the best preparation and precautions, accidents can happen. Thanksgiving
is high time for cooking related burns. Minor burns can be treated easily if
you remember to save the butter for the rolls and not a burn. For a superficial
burn, cool the area by running it under cold water until the heat eases and
then loosely cover the burn with a sterile dressing.


Courtesy American
Red Cross