Terry Donley induction to the CEA Hall of Fame

to Terry Donley!

Congratulations Terry Donley on your induction to the CEA
Hall of Fame and recognition with The Guardian Award!  This honor celebrates Terry’s contribution to
the construction industry and CEA.

Right after, graduating from Miami University, Terry went to
work for Donley’s Construction as a carpenter, then worked his way through a
variety of field positions, gaining a thorough understanding of the business.
After a lifelong involvement with the company, at age 37, Terry became company
president in 1968.

After 28 years as president, Terry became chairman of
Donley’s in 1996. He has been a CEA board member for more than 30 years,
including four as president (1998-2002). He served as president of both the
Carpenter Contractors Association and the Concrete Contractors Association, and
regularly took a lead role in bargaining with the Carpenters, Cement Masons
and laborers.

Today, at 87 years of age, his passion for work and people
are reflected in the way he still likes to get out in the field to both connect
with customers and staff and check on the progress of the jobs. He has long
understood, practiced and preached that building and maintaining a healthy
relationship with labor Is essential to good construction and good business,
and at the end of the day he knows and acts on the principle that ”the
relationship is more Important than the deal”.