Safe-D: Our Top 15 Christmas Gift Ideas

Need a last minute gift idea for family or friends? Nothing could be more special than to say happy holidays by giving a gift of safety that just might save their life. 
  1. Smoke detectors and batteries.
  2. A quality fire extinguisher.
  3. A flashlight and batteries or light sticks.
  4. A first-aid kit, for home or car.
  5. An automobile safety kit including jumper cables, flares, fix-a-flat, reflectors.
  6. A carbon monoxide detector.
  7. A mobile phone.
  8. A second floor escape ladder.
  9. An “Emergency kit”- energy bars, water, battery radio, flashlight/light sticks and a first-aid kit packed in a small travel bag.
  10. A kinetic flashlight that doesn’t need batteries.
  11. A weather alert radio.
  12. A radio that runs by cranking rather than batteries.
  13. A talking smoke detector if they have small children.
  14. A bicycle helmet.
  15. A GFCI extension cord.
Many of these items we don’t think about until we NEED them or it’s too late. Consider giving the gift of safety this holiday season.