Safe-D: Electricity 101


  • Voltage – electrical pressure (water pressure)
  • Resistance – restriction to electrical flow (pipe friction)
  • Amperes – electrical flow rate (gallons/min)
  • Watts – amount used

AMPS    =    VOLTAGE   

AMPS =    WATTS   
  • Electrical current travels in closed circuits.
  • You get a shock when some part of your body becomes part of an electric circuit.
  • An electric current enters the body at one point and exits the body at another.

Arcing or sparking

  • Arcing or sparking occurs when high-amperage currents jump from one conductor to another.


  • Explosions occur when electricity provides a source of ignition for an explosive mixture in the atmosphere.


  • Electricity is one of the most common causes of fire.
  • Quantity (Amperes) of current through the body
  • >3 mA – Indirect accident.
  • >10mA – Muscle contraction.
  • >30mA – Lung paralysis, usually temporary.
  • >50mA – Possible ventricular fibrillation(fatal).
  • 100mA to 4A – Certain ventricular fibrillation.
  • >4A – Heart paralysis, severe burns.
  •  Path of current through the body
  • Length of time the body is in the circuit

    • Keep Away
    • Ground
    • GFCI’s
    REMEMBER: All temporary power must be protected by GFCI and assume that all electrical outlets and cords are live until proven otherwise.

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