Safe D: Cribbing Under Aerial Lifts

As we all know, the work HAS to get done. But sometimes factors—such as the slope of a street—can bring an unforeseen challenge, as Donley’s Concrete Group recently found out on one of our projects.

During a glass curtain wall install, the JLG aerial lift (1200 series) shut off during use due to the slope of the street. To solve the challenge and continue working, the contractor installed 2×4 cribbing to level the machine. This prompted Donley’s safety team to ask the question, “Are we allowed to utilize cribbing under aerial lifts?” After placing a call to JLG, we got back the following answer, “Maybe.”

According to JLG, cribbing can be utilized under certain aerial lifts; however, it’s very limited.  The 1200 series shown here is not one of those machines. In this case, this challenge was easily mitigated by moving the lift to a level portion of the road, which eliminated the need for cribbing.

You can learn more about cribbing of the aerial lift you are using by logging onto JLG’s website and reading the appropriate manual. Have a comment to share about cribbing? We’d love to have you join the discussion.

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