Mid 1960's: 

The 30-story Winton Place was a project with many firsts. 

The tallest apartment building—at 264 feet—between New York and Chicago at the time, Winton Place was the first high-rise apartment building on Lakewood’s Gold Coast.

It was the first project to be completed with a ceremonial “sky-closing”—a pail of Donley’s concrete was flown by helicopter to the building’s heliport where Co-owners Fred Parr Cox and George N. Seltzer fashioned the concrete into a 1-foot square using gold trowels. 

It also was the first major project where Donley’s did the concrete along with the formwork—a major turning point in the company’s history. 

Donley's purchased J. H. Libby Company, broadening Donley’s capabilities in concrete placing and finishing. Winton Place project (right)

Mid-1960's: Donley’s moves to present location at 5430 Warner Road. 



Photo of Phillip, Donald, Ernest and William Donley, below left. Marketing Brochure on the right.

1966: Terry Donley takes over leadership of company from Don Donley.

1968: Company name changes from Ernest F. Donley’s Sons to Donley’s

Late 1960's: First slip form concrete core project, tower crane, and concrete pump in Cleveland.

Photo of Pier W Restaurant (1965), above left.

Photo of Cuyahoga County Community College (1969), above right.

1970's: Equipment and other divisions are sold in order to allow entry into GC market, including Interiors Division.  Growth was consistent up to the mid-1970's, when competition became very keen and branch locations became predominant. This period found too many companies competing for business in the Northeast Ohio market place.


1973: 1st Design/Build concrete project, Richfield Coliseum, below.  


Expansion to Central Ohio with establishment of Columbus office. This office was closed in the early 1980’s.

1974: 1st concrete restoration project, Cleveland Clinic Employee Parking Garage.

    Photo of Terry with staff, left.  Photo of Terry and Donley brothers, right.