Donley's Way

The Donley's Way



  • Recognize your critical role in the big picture
  • Learn continuously from each experience and each other
  • Take pride in every task


  • Understand that every client and every project is unique
  • Create a sense of belonging with your team
  • Respect all members of the team, everyone has a stake in the project’s success
  • Collaborate to overcome challenges and make the project work



  • Operate incident free every day
  • Safety first for our team, our families, our clients, and our community


  • Identify challenges and explore all possible solutions
  • Communicate why the work is important in support of our client’s vision
  • Know what and when but most importantly why


  • Deliver quality in all you do everyday
  • Do what you say you are going to do and when you say you are going to do it
  • We have been builders collaborating with other trades since our founding in 1941