Mac Donley

Mac Donley

President & CEO

On Being Authentic

The Donley family has been fortunate to be able to build a $250 million construction business that is rooted in our family’s values. My father is a man of high morals, as was his father. We believe it’s not what you say; it’s what you do. We’re grateful to the hundreds of people—from employees to clients, consultants, and friends—who’ve helped to establish Donley’s as a company built on trust, respect, forgiveness, and a sense of belonging.

As CEO, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to the families who work at Donley’s. That’s 150 professionals and 400 to 500 tradesmen, which translates into mortgage and car payments, and putting hundreds of children through school. Our management team has a strategic plan, a vision, and solid business practices so people can count on this company for years to come. We make the same commitment to our clients.

Our clients trust us. They know we’re technically competent, yet more than that they value our people. They rely on us and know that if there’s a problem, we’ll fix it. As a result, we’re fortunate to work with blue chip clients like the University of Virginia, Case Western Reserve University, Duke University, Cleveland Clinic, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland.

Thanks to these clients and our hard working employees, we’ve grown in size and geography. Today, Donley's has a presence in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and has strategic plans to expand across the Southeastern United States.

We bring the same level of integrity and commitment to doing things right to each new enterprise. While we recognize that a healthy company has to be profitable, at Donley’s we view profitability as a byproduct of doing everything else right.

We’re driven by our love of construction and by the relationships we’ve built. Doing business with like-minded people is our greatest reward.