Kurt Weinfurther

Kurt Weinfurther

Senior Vice President of Mid-Atlantic Operations

On Reliability

Since joining Donley’s in 1992, I’ve grown professionally from estimating, to working on concrete projects, to project manager, and in 2004, I moved to Virginia to head up Donley’s Mid-Atlantic operations.

Donley’s employees are empowered to grow and to take responsibility for their decisions and actions. People who demonstrate aptitude, initiative, and drive find a lot of opportunity here. It’s one of the reasons people stay with the company. Having employees with long tenures is a significant factor in our ability to provide reliable services to our clients.

Our relationship with the University of Virginia (UVA) tells the story of the value of reliability. We’ve completed ten projects for UVA in eleven years. They’ve continuously given us opportunities as we’ve grown our business, first doing design/build parking structures, then construction management for academic buildings including the School of Architecture, Ruffin Hall Art Studio, and Bavaro Hall, Curry School of Education. Recently we’ve brought our experience in healthcare construction to bear on two medical projects on campus.

Reliability is a two-way street. While we helped build UVA, these projects enabled us to build a solid Virginia office with a blend of people from Ohio and a great team of local folks including interns who became employees.

UVA knows they can depend on us to get the job done right. In fact, all of our clients value Donley’s unquestioned philosophy that we will always do right by them.