Bill Ross

Bill Ross

CFO & Executive Vice President of Strategic Growth

On Innovation

As a recent addition to Donley’s leadership team, I am excited about the opportunity to build on the organization’s success. Living in Northeast Ohio, it has been amazing to watch Donley’s growth over the years. I have always admired Donley’s ability to tackle complex projects while building a strong reputation as a genuine partner to their clients and community. 

In my previous experience in real estate and development, I have been able to see firsthand how the construction industry is changing and some of the innovation that is driving that change.One of the attractive elements for me about Donley’s is the organization is always focused on our client’s vision. Whether it is a new approach in our concrete formwork or rolling out new communications tools to engage our clients, innovation is always in service of our clients.  

The Donley’s organization has continued to grow because of its focus on solving challenges and delivering solutions.  From operational and strategic perspectives, we continue this focus by scaling our support structure as the organization increase its reach.  This includes systems required to support our clients, people, and processes.  It also entails planning initiatives that can guide the organization in the exploration of new markets as well as innovative technologies and approaches.