Our genuine people bring commitment and passion to delivering and sustaining our clients’ vision.

Since launching our construction management services in 1995, we have grown to manage nearly $200 million dollars of work per year.  Our projects include healthcare, higher education, commercial and cultural, art and government organizations.

Succeeding Together

Our approach to design/build provides owners the value of alternative designs, known guaranteed cost early in the design phase, and teams of professionals experienced in design/build construction services.


No Surprises

Our approach to preconstruction is a comprehensive process based on the premise that there should be no surprises.  This includes early and accurate Guaranteed Maximum Price development and performance. Donley’s is also focused on total project budget and analyzes hard and soft costs to ensure that there is no scope overlap or our missing line items.  By working with our operations staff, we can look around corners and study potential challenges. This also enables our team to provide forward thinking alternates instead of value engineering cuts.



Since our founding in 1941, Donley's mission has been focused on delivering our clients' vision. In support of that mission, we are constantly challenging ourselves to explore new and innovative technologies. For us, the importance of any innovation is that it can facilitate better decision-making, improve workflow, and optimize collaboration. It is critical that any technology improvements that we make support our genuine partnership with our clients and reflect our values of People, Safety, Solutions, and Performance.

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Low Impact

Donley’s understands that we need to be more than just your Construction Manager but a good neighbor to residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the community.  Communication and transparency will be at the forefront of all that we do.


Delivering Quality In All We Do Everyday

This statement reminds us that quality is everyone’s responsibility. We will continue to develop a culture where all team members will take pride in their work and are committed to exceed our clients’ vision.

Throughout our history, quality has been at the center of who we are and how we operate.  It is a key component of project planning, daily huddles and how we measure our success. It is also a critical driver in our strategic plan.



We feel it is critical to develop pride in the project as it takes shape. Our project team and internal communications specialists work with our clients to develop tools (project websites, social media campaigns, etc.) and events such as hard hat tours or learning opportunities.  These efforts help to foster an understanding of the project and develop community ownership.



Our approach and expertise offers a trusted and collaborative partner that will be a good steward resources.  Our genuine people bring an additional sense of commitment and passion to delivering and sustaining our clients’ vision. Combining lower cost of design, lower overall cost of construction, and single-source responsibility, design/build project delivery offers great value for construction.

Partners in Success

Fifty design/build projects delivered in the past fifteen years

Well-established relationships with national and local architecture and engineering partners

Reputation for innovation, added value, and price competitiveness in our design/build work

Design/Build Projects

Parking Structures

Municipal Facilities

Medical Office Buildings

Federal Buildings

Residence Halls

Senior Living Centers



"While the project was expertly built - on time and on budget, the greater story is in Donley's role as a true partner. Public Square was the dream of many people for a very long time. Once Donley's was involved, that dream became a reality."

Ann Zoller
Former Executive Director - LAND Studio

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