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The 105th parking deck on Cleveland Clinic’s Campus was recently completed with Donley’s providing concrete services and serving as the Design Build. Encompassing an entire city block, the parking deck is located on the southeast corner of the Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus. With the development of the Opportunity Corridor along East 105th Street, the parking deck serves as an icon and introduction to the campus at its southern portal. The garage is currently only for employees with the possibility of it being converted to both a patient and employee deck in the future.



The façade of the deck utilizes a combination of concrete guard and vehicular crash rails, upturned beams, storefront glazing, and custom grilles. The exterior appearance utilizes white and metallic materials to keep a cohesive look with the rest of the buildings on Cleveland Clinic’s campus. An expansive elevator lobby, clad in glass curtainwall, houses four elevators and stairwell located on the northwest corner of the building. The remaining three corners are stair towers clad in glass curtainwall. The stairs are set back 18” from the wall, creating the illusion of stairs floating in a glass structure. Furthering employee optimization, this deck also has a pedestrian bridge on the third level that provides a safe route for Cleveland Clinic employees as they cross the highly trafficked 105th Street.


Beyond the normal scope of work, Donley's was asked to paint the entire interior of the deck as well as widen East 106th Street after the GMP was established. Even with the additional work, the project was completed ahead of the original scheduled completion date. The entire team's cooperation and shared goals were essential in the parking deck's early completion and successful delivery.


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