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The following is a letter from Sister Jacquelyn Gusdane, President Notre Dame Schools, thanking Donley’s Staff Mary Ianiro and Mike White for delivering a presentation and site tour for students at the school.  The tour was of the Sisters of Notre Dame Senior Living project in Ohio.  This is a great example of how Donley’s engages our clients beyond our project work to help them achieve their mission.  Below the letter are some pictures of the event.  Thanks Mary and Mike!

Dear Mary and Mike,

What a great experience yesterday was for our engineering students, Ashley, and me!   When I talked with some of the boys later in the day, they could not say enough about their time with you.

This is a stellar example of a partnership of with Donley Inc. and NDCL, with a corporation and a school for students who are seriously considering the field of engineering for a career.  Even though we are on the same property, this field trip would not have happened unless you had made it known and then possible. 

The preview in the trailer, your remarks, and the very informative and enlightening walking tour of the construction site were a perfect blend.  The hard hats, vests, and glasses -- all new--added a real life touch (even though I know they are required).    Of course, I loved having Corbin with us.  He is so fortunate to do an internship with you -- and even better, he truly appreciates and values it.


My hope is that the new engineering class will return in fall for another "tour" and see the progress.  That's why the photos are so valuable.  Mrs. Kelm has a copy of all the photos of the Notre Dame Village project and will be able to share and comment about these with the next class.

Once again thank you to all who were involved in making this a reality.   God bless!

With gratitude and prayer,


Sister Jacquelyn

P.S. Please share this email with anyone else involved  - our thanks extends to all.

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