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“Haste Makes Waste” is a popular saying when it comes to rushing to complete a task or job.  Another saying more closely associated with safety on the job is, “Hurrying Up Can Hurt.”  Sometimes being in a hurry can cause accidents, such as using the wrong ladder for a job just because it was closer than the ladder that was the correct height or not wearing safety glasses because the job will only take a second.  

However, it should be pointed out that while hurrying unnecessarily is frowned upon, faster ways of doing things may be beneficial at times.  If there is a better way of doing a certain job, bring it to the attention of a supervisor.  But do not proceed to use the new method or make any changes without first getting approval.

One of the safest means of speeding up operations is through experience.  The more familiar jobs become, the more efficiency and speed increase.  Be careful not to reach the point where increased speed through experience becomes negligible and the danger of not remaining alert on the job grows.

Taking a shortcut or rushing to save time can lead to unnecessary accidents, and in the end, may not save that much time or be worth the risk.  

We previously posted an article regarding power tool inspections and safe use. Because power tools are important in any job and if not used properly can result in serious injury, we thought it worth sharing again.

Pre Use Inspection 
Ensure work area is free of any potential trip hazards and is clean.  If a power tool has any of the following issues, it should not be used for any job:
  • Damaged or cracked housing, power source, or bits/accessories
  • Dull blades (often more dangerous than sharp blades)
  • Missing guards or protective devices
  • Leaking gasoline, oil or other fluids
  • Appears to be in poor condition
  • Tool does not have 3-wire cord or is not double insulated

Proper Use 
In construction, portable power tools with defective wiring cause many injuries.  The following practices will help everyone stay safe:
  • Wear correct PPE
  • Always wear eye protection
  • Use proper tool for the job
  • Use tools with 3-wire plug and make sure connections are tight
  • Disconnect tool before making adjustments
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Ask supervisor or coworker about use, if unsure
  • Do not point or operate tools in close proximity to other individuals
  • Use spark resistant tools when working near a fuel source
  • Do not use excessive force to cut/drill through hard materials
  • Never place hand behind the material that is being worked on when the tool could push through 
  • Gasoline/ mixed fuel powered tools must be off and cool when re-fueled; use only in well ventilated areas

Walking through downtown Cleveland during these cold winter months can seem bleak.  But the evergreen tree peaking over the fence of Public Square brings life and show just how far construction has come over the past months.  

It was a busy end of summer and fall as Donley’s and other contractors finished installing primary underground utilities for water, power, and communications underneath the square; and the unseasonably warm weather from December has been a great help to Donley’s crews who continue to work hard on the redevelopment of the Square.

Although summer 2016 may seem far off given the cold, winter weather currently encountered in Cleveland, Public Square is still on track for completion before the Republican National Convention. When complete the new square will be full of life and color, and its butterfly-like shape will include a large, open lawn on the northern half, and a speaker’s terrace, a splash zone, and an outdoor café all on the southern half.  

"Things are changing in Cleveland and in Cuyahoga County," Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish said of the project back in March. "…We have to look like the great city we are..." Public Square’s new look will help transform the rest of Cleveland into a more vibrant community.