Public Square Update

Walking through downtown Cleveland during these cold winter months can seem bleak.  But the evergreen tree peaking over the fence of Public Square brings life and show just how far construction has come over the past months.  

It was a busy end of summer and fall as Donley’s and other contractors finished installing primary underground utilities for water, power, and communications underneath the square; and the unseasonably warm weather from December has been a great help to Donley’s crews who continue to work hard on the redevelopment of the Square.
Although summer 2016 may seem far off given the cold, winter weather currently encountered in Cleveland, Public Square is still on track for completion before the Republican National Convention. When complete the new square will be full of life and color, and its butterfly-like shape will include a large, open lawn on the northern half, and a speaker’s terrace, a splash zone, and an outdoor café all on the southern half.  

“Things are changing in Cleveland and in Cuyahoga County,” Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish said of the project back in March. “…We have to look like the great city we are…” Public Square’s new look will help transform the rest of Cleveland into a more vibrant community.