UMW’s Campus Center Atrium Smoke Control System “Operates As Intended” During 1st BCOM Test

What makes The University of Mary Washington’s Campus Center Atrium Smoke Control System noteworthy is that the Fire Alarm/Atrium Smoke Control System was demonstrated to ‘Operate As Intended’ on Virginia’s Bureau of Capital Outlay Management’s (BCOM’s) initial visit to observe the system. This is a first in BCOM observation history! It took a well-coordinated and concerted effort by UMW, Donley’s, StantecColonial WebbConvergint TechnologiesM.C.Dean, and Bala Consulting Engineers to reach this achievement.

A technically sophisticated system, the Atrium Smoke Control System is integrated with the Campus Center’s architectural, fire protection system, and mechanical system components.  Due to the complexity in integrating these numerous components together, multiple tests and adjustments are typically required in order to demonstrate that the Fire Alarm System/Atrium Smoke Control System “Operates As Intended.”  In addition, there is a specific order, known as Sequence of Operations, that must occur for the system to be considered “Operational as Intended.”

The new University of Mary Washington’s Campus Center is being touted as the “living room” of the campus. Located along College Avenue on the Fredericksburg main campus, the building features a three-story atrium with a sculptural monumental three-story stair, a working fireplace, a ball room, dining center, student organization offices, and plenty of meeting spaces for students to gather and relax.