The Tink Receives Build Ohio Award

Donley’s has been selected as one of the winners of the prestigious 2014 Build Ohio Award. One of six award winners, Donley’s was honored in the New Construction Over $20 Million category for Case Western Reserve University, new Tinkham Veale University Center, which was completed in July of this year.
The Tink as it has been nicknamed, unites the Case Western
Reserve University campus—a campus long perceived as split due to its location
on two sides of a major thoroughfare in Cleveland’s University Circle. The building is centrally located on the campus, providing students a 24/7 gathering
place, a home for student organizations, a jumping-off point for campus tours,
as well as a community gathering space. With input from students on the design,
the facility houses student organization offices, a dining area, a media wall
with interactive digital display, a lounge, a separate restaurant/bar open to
the public, a 9,000 sq. ft. multipurpose ballroom, classrooms, and a variety of
conference spaces.

The shape of the 89,000 sq. ft., two-story building is a mix
of horizontal, wedge-like shapes that stretch in three directions and sloping
green roofs rising out of the ground which create an outdoor amphitheater and social
gathering spaces. Designed to exceed the University’s required LEED Silver
standards, sustainable elements include a live roof, recycled carpet tiles and
terrazzo flooring, radiant floor heat, chilled beams, and a double-glass
curtainwall that reduces energy use through an innovative engineering system, while
helping to maintain interior temperatures.

Serving as the construction manager on this project,
Donley’s had the opportunity to work with architect Perkins + Will to construct
this modern 21
st century collegiate hub on a site that at first
glance appeared quite large, but was actually constrained in all four
directions. Additionally, a large green space covering an underground parking
garage adjacent to the site was unusable for construction equipment traffic and
materials laydown, but had to remain accessible to students throughout
construction for outdoor activities. Undocumented underground utilities and
steam tunnels dating back to the 1920’s also added to the intrigue of constructing
this progressive expression of higher education architecture.

Donley’s received its bronze and green marble Build Ohio Award during the 23rd annual Build Ohio Celebration on November 14, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio.

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