Cuyahoga County Public Library Snow Road Branch – Now Open

Grab the kids and spend some time at the recently renovated and expanded Snow Road Library in Parma, Ohio! As part of the Cuyahoga County Public Library system’s $110 million Facilities Master Plan, the expanded and renovated 41,000 sq. ft. Parma-Snow branch is now open to the public. Features include a 29,500 sq. ft. single-story expansion that conjoins the existing library to the County Library Systems Administration Building, a complete renovation of the existing 11,500 sq. ft. library, a new 400-seat black box auditorium that is open for public use and can also be used as a mini conference center for business meetings, and a sloped roof that extends the landscaped areas to a green roof which can be accessed from the second level. This project also served as a pilot project for STEP (Sustainable Technology Environments Program) which is similar to the LEED certification program.

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In Clinic Abortion Experience

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