Pat Powers

Pat Powers

Treasurer & CFO

On Innovation

Donley’s has always been a forward-looking firm. The company has been an industry leader in concrete, design/build, and now integrated project delivery. I joined Donley’s in 1991. The management team and I began to apply Donley’s drive for innovation to the business operations and the company grew from $42 to $250 million.

As an owner and member of the executive committee, my role is to build Donley’s business infrastructure—all the systems required to support our clients, and our professional and tactical people who build their structures: financial management, human resources, insurance programs, technology, strategic planning, and ownership transition.

We are meticulous about running this business. We work from a 36-month strategic plan with specific, measurable targets and goals, and we’ve implemented various Lean practices at the business and project levels. In other words, Donley’s isn’t run on a hunch. We post our measurements for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in pareto charts on a wall outside our executive offices for everyone to see.

We measure a dozen KPIs for continuous improvement like safety, client satisfaction, profitability, and billings. Once we used KPIs to reduce rework. An in-house team huddled around the issue and developed a checklist with the acronym “CLEER.” Six weeks after implementing CLEER, we took the rework charts off the wall—the team had solved the problem.

This is how we use business strategies to drive innovation for our clients, employees, projects, and industry.