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“They gave us more than a percentage, they gave us a dream” – Ariane Kirkpatrick, Owner of AKA Waterproofing, on Donley’s vital role in the company’s growth.

A few years ago, Donley’s Restoration Group and AKA formed a waterproofing joint venture which enabled AKA to expand its business operation. This opened the door for AKA to qualify for a full-range of construction projects within the industry. Last week, AKA Team, a minority, woman-owned business, announced that it had purchased the joint venture outright. We are so glad to have been a part of AKA’s growth and look forward to many partnerships in the future.

29 Mar

Making A Difference

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Sergio Chavez Orellana, a junior at the University of Mary Washington, is the recipient of the Donley Presidential Endowment Scholarship. This Scholarship came during a time of difficult emotional and financial events for Sergio that would have otherwise caused him to leave the University. This scholarship will help him finish his degree and be the first of his family to obtain a bachelor’s degree. This scholarship has given him the opportunity to complete his education.  He plans to pay it forward by becoming a lawyer specializing in immigration law. Learn more about Sergio’s story below.